Monday, June 22, 2009

Funny little things...

Not to divert our attention away from the fun of building on this house, but just a few little things have shown up at our place that make it so fun to ponder on....especially when I can't be there...
This morning, my rancher emailed me to tell me he had been sitting out under the "Harpie Shed" and reading his devotions, and a cute little bunny rabbit arrived and was front and center just watching in my mind of course, I thought the bunny was there for some Jesus time....EVEN though it wasn't even Easter! Can you see it now? how cute is that? My rancher and the bunny. :)
Then later, I thought about our "Gator"...Gator, is the HUGE hog we introduced you all to several posts ago...the one running in the mud pit? Remember?
Well, guess who found his way into our little hog trap? Yep....Mister Gate himself!
and I say little hog trap, cause Gator is WAY TOO BIG FOR WHAT WE HAVE BUILT!
He was not happy with us at all either! There were some teeth showing...(no smiles...) and a little corner of the snout slobber-- happening too!... he was, needless to say, a little miffed we could have TRICKED even HIM into the trap! (Calm Down P.E.T.A...this is a HOG trap / no torture devices at all...and I might add...we even fed him quite nicely while he was checked in with us!)
As soon as Bill let that cage door open, Gator made a run forward, then made a quick hard left back toward Bill - my Rancher!!!! (scared both of us...seeing those big teethies of Gator's again...) But, Mr. Gator was just complaining a little at us about his time, I imagine he will want a King Sized bed with an actual mattress.... :) I think we are going to try to accommodate his wishes too!!!!
Oh, and then, how about Saturday night, we put out some deer "dope" ... well, it looked like it and the deer act like it is.....(fresh alfalfa) Within five minutes of hearing the corn in the can and seeing the small mounds of green delight, the deer came running up the hill toward our little one time there were four there! A yearling, Two Bucks, and a doe....and we were about 50 feet from them too! They weren't worried about the rancher at all...they were already used to him...but if Ryan or I stood up, they STOPPED what they were doing and took a few steps backward... Bill just talked to them, and they never moved...just kept munchin!
Finally, i have to mention MY friends....
I put up a small hummingbird feeder and it got so busy - that it was drained everyday in less than six hours!!!
So, papa, having loved me so much...bought me a bigger, better hummingbird feeder! Now with both of them going at once, there has to be AT least at any given time, 14-15 hummingbirds dancing around those feeders! There are a couple that are so busy trying to chase all the others off, that they don't even get to eat! It's hillarious to watch...but I know when the bottles are empty...they start flying by my Red ASTROS / BIGGIO ballcap that I wear on my head at the ranch... to let me know I am needed immediately to refill their favo juice! It's really really COOL!
Ok, so now you know a little of what we see at the ranch...but imagine it for will then have a reference point for YOUR "Happy Place" that you can wander off to when things in this world get too much and you need a little rest! Enjoy!

Dear Jesus,
Did we say thank you yet for all you have given us? For all the ways you have blessed us in spite of ourselves? You are so faithful, loving, and ever present in our everyday lives...I am so happy in you today...peaceful, and happy. (and you know Jesus, I am not an easy customer to please...)
So, you know, I really mean it!
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life! ...Thank you Jesus for showing me how to live after all these years of bondage...and thank you for the great place to let us Break Free in...we love you Jesus.
Bill and Lana :)

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