Monday, August 16, 2010

Almost a year later...

Time has just flown by! I didn't even realize that a year had almost past since my last post here...until I looked today and it looks like I already have another Anniversary coming up with my man! Holy COW!
Who knew life has been that much fun!
Well, I have lots of pictures to show you catch you up we are WAY further along now and almost ready to be finished.
But for today, I will show you the latest finish as of this past weekend...and tomorrow I will do a little back tracking to show you where we have been. Hang on...this is going to be one fast and furious ride to catch you all up!

Brazilian Tiger Wood
Looking into the living room...I said I had to catch you up...see all we have done?
From the living room into the kitchen...and yes, we already have appliances!
Thank you to these four...I love you... we will think of you often as we dance across our little ballroom floor! 
Happy Monday All!