Monday, July 6, 2009

Picture Time!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

This is the MAN OF THE HOUR....and hours...and hours...hours...hours...

Remember this stage?

And now...all refreshed on those stages?
Have you met the neighbors?
This is
Denise and Keith Clark...
of the Rocky Ridge Ranch
Next to Ours...
and then there is
Molly and Mark
of the Corner Oaks Ranch
down from The Clark's

let me fill you in from there....

Our new neighbors,
which we have introduced to you in the above photo ids...

came over on Sataurday...
while on vacation with their brides...
(also pictured above)
and what you are about to see
is ONE day's work...
When it was all over,
Bill couldn't stop smiling - we were so amazed!
Make no mistake, when these three guys get together...
They certainly helped Bill make up what the rain days shorted him last week....
not only did they help him make up the time lost,
but they lifted his spirits and helped him gain
another second wind!

That Man of mine has worked so hard everyday...
and when he's not out there working,
it's because he's off working for his own business!

His fingerprints are on every nail...board, screw, tool, floor, truss,
I-beam, and in every mili-inch of this house and land...
my man had some carpenter/teacher/worker help!
What wonderful Neighbors we already have...and like I said earlier, they came over,
and by the end of the day, the ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR
was framed!!!!!!
That was even with a run into Kerrville we had to make for more wood...
We had run out!
After getting back two hours later, it was 4 p.m.
(and no exaggeration here...)
by 8 p.m. that night...
The rest of the six walls and three window frames
were up and BEAUTIFUL!
Molly was sweet enough to have
brought a CHILLED watermelon over
and the guys- were physically
Oh, did I mention the temps were between 101-104 that day?
The ladies did no less....let me tell you....
Bill and I were invited over Friday night for a GOURMET FEAST -
We had the Pork that they shot earlier (the only thing we did was smoke it)
and then they fed us all the fixin's you could ever imagine!!!!

Then Saturday morning,
they wanted us to come back for a BRUNCH...
I didn't eat again that entire day! (except for the watermelon)

Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs, OJ, GREAT COFFEE...
hey neighbors....
two words about your next trip:

T-H-A-N-K -- Y-O-U!
so....without further Ado...

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