Thursday, June 4, 2009

Movin' on up!

Well, it's been awhile, and yet not long enough...
Between work schedules, travel, home and kids - there just hasn't seemed like a lot of time is left to finish what we start when it comes to the ranch...however....
that is not always true....little things do mean a lot!
The Rancher and I have, trimmed trees and overgrown grass, hung bird feeders and hummingbird feeders, fed deer and hogs, fixed the deer feeder, burned more wood piles, hooked up all manner of plugs and electric outlets all over the place, cleaned out and restocked the living quarters (ElCampo-rama), put out painted fence posts (thanks to Papa Rancher for painting them all) and finally...

Spring IS IN THE AIR....
Here's a Russian White Hog...we caught in our hog pen....and YES...we let it go....
This is a (future mama) doe eating at the feeder down in front of where the house will be...isn't she beautiful? and you can't, can't, can't live on a ranch without ants...who do you think does all the work...?
The Rancher is out this week working on finishing rebuilding the floor, and adding the mudroom floor (that seems to be the one room in EVERY house in Ranchland, USA - so we added one too!!!)

Breaking Free has become somewhat of the family anthem place to go... our visitors have included, BUTCH AND PATTY, Papa, Jen and JD, Ryan, Samantha, and now David II!!!!! TWICE!!!!! I think they are all hooked like we please....)

Kait and PJ are slated to come up and hog hunt on the 20th!!!!!
I am the happiest Rancher's wife in all the lands of Ranchness! I can tell you that! What a blessing to have the fam come up and see the beauty we have seen in this place....I am thankful Jesus- for it...for them and for The Rancher....(YOU KNOW HIM!!! YOU KNOW HIM!!!) YAY! You know now if you ever have to reach him Jesus, (excuse the pun ya'll), He's in the BOOK!

Ok, so, what's next on the agenda at Breaking Free? Well, when I get there tomorrow night, after a few hugs and kisses for the Rancher, I will get to see all the work he's done !!!!
Then first thing Saturday morning, we will begin building the first frame for the wall of the house!!!!!!wow...see? We ARE movin' on up!
Here's some more pics - enjoy!

hmmmm, that IS ME - and I AM working!!!!There's the flooring....on top of piers drilled into the ROCK!!!!See our future view from the front porch?....
Me and the Rancher.... The "GB" paths (ok, for you that haven't been edumacated yet... "GB" = grandbabies) And finally, see that little piggy? He's got polka-dots....and he's running for the hills!
We'll post again real soon now, ya'll hear?


  1. oooo! i love all the pictures!! can't wait to get back there :)

    the house is looking nice! i can tell yall have been busy!

  2. *cough* I have been there too!!!! Where's my props? HEHE....looking mighty good GF!

  3. Hey you are on there too!!!!
    Yes, lots of hard work and more pictures this weekend!