Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the Rancher's and my 11th Anniversary! That may not sound like many years...but when you have added five children to that mix, it really is something! Just like with other couples, there have been great days, good days, everydays, bad days and hate days...There have been days of great fun and days of great depression...Loving kid moments and those "I hate my parents moments"...Can't live without each other moments and LET ME OUT OF HERE! moments....
In all of that, today is a good moment...a peaceful moment...a moment filled with two people that are enjoying every moment - good, bad or indifferent...and that are finally bound by a wonderful commonality...Jesus.
What's ahead for us?  Well, our Hill Country house as you can see in our blog...
we still have our two puppies, Jig and Buzz (the Saws)
and we are looking forward to GBs! (grand babies)....
What's behind us? Everything!!!!
and finally...
What's with us TODAY? Jesus, Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Sacrifice, and Respect. What a really nice day today is!  I love you Mr. Bill.
Happy Anniversary!

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