Friday, August 21, 2009

Has It Really Been over a MONTH?

WOW! Time flies!
So much has been going on at the Ranch and at the S&L house, that I see MORE THAN A MONTH has gone by and I haven't updated!!!! ok, and plus, everyone is sending me messages and posting my facebook to UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE! So hang on to your hat - Here we go....

The neighbors ARE BACK!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Then once's all Bill....I love this looks like a modern day ARK!!!
It sure rained a LOT this week!!!

AND WE HAVE A ROOF!!!!!!!!We have windows.....this is one of two in my kitchen over my sink....

and here is two of two over my kitchen sink....awwwhhhh...
I can just see those GB's outside playing in the sprinkler now....

The Living room and fire place...Looking outside in... those two small windows are my laundry room windows!House is all wrapped...too much rain in the area these days...a race against the clock for sure....Lovin that Roof and that RANCHER!!!!

The View above the house with the roof almost done!!!


and next week, I will introduce our friends Butch and Patty and our amazing DOORS!!!!!
Off to the ranch we go... :)


  1. WOO-HOO! yea!!! we love updates!
    And I know that it is EVEN better than this!
    WTG you two!

  2. the house is looking AWESSSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!