Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Home...

Welcome to Breaking Free Ranch!!!

Well, as you can see, we are well on our way to our dream house in the hills....this week, Jenn and JD came in from Oklahoma to help out during thier Spring Break-

Thank you guys!!!!

The ranch is the future home to any GB's...(grandbabies) I might have...and yes, there is an element of bribery in play here...

I am planning to make this the place that ALL the GB's want to come to visit all the time!!!!!

These items of trechery include no less than a fun set of paths to walk through, a fun GB Garden to plant all their fav-o-rite plants and munchies, lots of room to play, a lamb or two,

Harpie....(my golf cart and personal buddy) that has an attachment I have named appropriately Mini-me...(a cart for the GBs to ride in...)

and if that is not enough, I will pull out the "PONY" card....

Oh, and did I mention that there is a lake too? WITH LOTS OF FISH ???? (ok, not yet, but the digging has begun!!!)

But right NOW - - We have wild turkies, deer of all varieties and pigs running around everywhere!

Lots of fun mountains (hills) to look at and we will even have a treehouse with x-box if I have to.... LOL!

AND THEN for the grown-up girlies....there's FREDRICKSBURG!!!!!!!!!
I know!!! I know!!! I mean seriously....HOW DID I GET TO DO THIS FOR REAL?????

As I leave you to go back to work....Here are the latest installments from this past week's vacation....

Enjoy and Ya'll come visit now, Ya hear?

My pathways - all those rocks...yep...i did them!!!!!

This Is Bill's Dad...we call him Papa....He is such a blessing!!!!! He put the kids up this week....nice.....

and there is my glorious son-in-law....JD...You gotta love him!!!!

You are actually looking at my floor where my downstairs bathroom will be... just off the kitchen...and this will be my sunset EVERY EVENING....awesome....


  1. it's about time!!! i love it mom---looks great!

  2. Lana,

    I love your property. This is so exciting! Are you guys going to move out there when it's built or will it just be your weekend get-a-way until retirement? I can't wait to see more pics! I have a blog, but I haven't updated it in some time. I need to get back on track with it.